Brian Baker

The team

Brian obtained his love for brewing from a Long Island based Home Brewers Club called LIBME (Long Island Beer and Malt Enthusiasts). His inspiration came from the knowledge of beer aficionados within the group. After years of home brewing and absorbing knowledge from others around him, Brian took his interest to another level and took the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) to study the flavors and flaws that make up the beers that inspired him. With this knowledge and his passion for thinking outside the box when brewing he knew that his obvious next step was to go professional. Brian continues to develop his own recipes, home brew's, is an active member in LIBME and participates in beer judging at ranked competitions. 

Our mission

We at Bellport Brewing Company are constantly pushing the envelope to craft the absolute freshest beer that grains, hops, yeast and water can produce. Brewed on the grounds with Rocky Point Artisan Brewers, we’re focused on sourcing the best, sustainably grown, grains and adjuncts to brew the highest quality beer. We’re committed to creating a true farm to pint experience with every sip. 

Bellport Brewing Company was founded in 2013 by Brian Baker in Bellport, NY. The brewery started its business out of the Taste of Long Island Incubator in Farmindale, NY. As demand grew, so did our appetite for a unique facility closer to our Bellport roots.  In 2016, Bellport Brewing teamed up with Rocky Point Artisan Brewers in their brewery and started a new fresh start with new beers and their first collaboration . The new facility, due to be finished in 2017 will offer patrons of Long Island a unique experience. Guests will enjoy their favorite Bellport brew in the shadows of a fully-functional 3 barrel brew system and a lavish tasting room. 

Bellport Brewing Company is registered as a Farm Brewery in New York State. In accordance with the law, signed by Governor Cuomo in 2013, Bellport has committed to using at least 20% New York sourced ingredients today, 60% by 2018 and 90% by 2024. Our partnership with local hop farms, along with contracts negotiated with New York malting barley producers from around the State ensure that each Bellport beer is produced with as much local New York ingredients as possible.  You can rest easy knowing that every sip of beer enjoyed from Bellport Brewing Company is supporting local New York Agriculture. We wouldn't have it any other way!