VERY Bitter Thaw- 8.9 % Abv

Spring Imperial IPA
When the cold weather has over stayed its welcome and spring is WAY past due then we can all go for a few VERY Bitter Thaws! This beer has the same hop bill from our Bitter Thaw except a MUCH higher quantity of the New Zealand  hops and victory malts which allow a lot more complexity to this Imperial IPA.

O.G. 1.076- 13.0 SRM - 108.3 IBUs

More to come.. Our 2017 Calendar will be updated shortly.

    Bitter Thaw- 6.1% Abv

Spring American IPA
The perfect beer paired with the release of the bitter cold grips of old man winters claws. Our spring seasonal American IPA meets New Zealand hops. The combination provides a melon floral flavor and a distinct dry white wine mouth feel and a slightly citrus finish. This beer is easily sought out and know for the citrus big aroma that can be intoxicating for your senses and throughout the bar. When the Bitter Thaw has arrive we know Winter is now gone.

O.G. 1.060 - 12.7 SRM - 76 IBUs

       Captain Tom's Porter - 6.9% Abv

Robust Porter
Captain Thomas and John Bell founded the seaport village of Bellport in the early 19th century. This beer is our homage to Capt. Thomas and John Bell and their expertise in navigating the waters and helping us put Bellport on the map. This robust porter is laced throughout with "special" chocolate, flaked oats and finished with creamy lactose. During certain times of the year, like the tides in the ocean, this beer can been seen in very special and rare variants such as robust coffee (from Tend Coffee, Shirley NY) and barrel aged in either Whiskey and Bourbon barrels.

O.G. 1.067 - 31.6 SRM - 28.7 IBUs

        South Country IPA- 6.4% Abv

American IPA
We threw out the traditional American IPA recipe and modernized it with some new American hops that provide a citrus and melon flavor while holding on to its consistent malt backbone and adding a few more palate forward characteristics. We are very proud to call this our flagship beer and when you taste it we hope you will too!

O.G. 1.061 - 9.7 SRM - 80.3 IBUs

      Head of the Neck Hefeweizen - 5.5 % Abv

A unique blend of wheat malts with a cloudy hazy traditional color. Very easy drinking spring/summer beer which has notes of cloves and banana's. This beer is also occasionally seen playing with different fruits in our hop rockets..

O.G. 1.050- 5.2 SRM - 10.2 IBUs